Saturday, February 28, 2009


boat lifts or boat lift, much like cradle lifts or pwc lifts or a boat hoist are commonly seen near docks.
DAVIT Services: high resolution scanning, bulk data document scanning, digitization, data security, optimization, availability, secure backups, digital libraries, encryption
Sea Wise Marine boat davits for your Yacht 30 to 60 feet, davits, davit lift, yacht davits, dinghy lift, boat davits, davit systems, dinghy davit dumper
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Davit is the foremost dealer in marine equipment products. Davit was established in 1980 to sell and service high quality products and provide engineering
Builder of St. Croix davits, cranes, and Roll On systems for your inflatable dinghy or PWC. Our full line of marine lifting devices allows storage of your tender on the stern
noun. either of a pair of uprights that can be swung out over the side of a ship for lowering or raising a small boat; a crane in a ship's bow, formerly used to raise or lower the
Steelhead Marine is a manufacturer of yacht cranes and yacht davits in Mission BC. Their yacht cranes and yacht davits are distributed all over the world and used by yacht owners
dav·it   (d v t, d v t) n. Any of various types of small cranes that project over the side of a ship and are used to hoist boats, anchors, and cargo.



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