Saturday, January 31, 2009

Barney bites reporter
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seriously that guy is an idiot , you dont just reach your hand out onto a dogs face/mouth region without letting it sniff your hand first!! barney thought the paparazzi was out to
Meet Barney Bush. He is a Scottish Terrier and the First Dog. Today he supposedly bit a Reuters reporter. Thank god Barney suffered no ill effects!
newVideoPlayer Barney Bites Reporter flv Outgoing president Bush's dog Scottish terrier Barney bit a Reuters reporter today according to the
The last days of the Bush administration. Barney the first dog bit a White House reporter today. Apparently it wasn't the first time.
On Thursday, President Bush's dog Barney bit one of Reuters White House reporters. Is Barney pissed that his days at the White House are numbered?
Yeah well i wrote a comment similar to skankindragon1 ok Don't call people's comments stupid cause they arn't! If bush wanted a choker collar/ chocker leash sum 1 or he could go
WASHINGTON (CNN) â€" President-elect Barack Obama's daughters have been promised a puppy for the White House â€" President Bush's dog, Barney, demonstrated his technique for
Doesn't the reporter know that you are not suppose to touch the dog without them smelling your hand first to let them know you are friendly? You can't just go up like that!
by Frank James "Dog bites man" isn't usually news. Except when the dog is Barney, the terrier belonging to President Bush, and the man is a Reuters reporter.
On November 6, 2008, President George Bush's dog, Barney, bit a reporter while being walked by his handler on the White House lawn. The bite


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